Akari 3W Candle Bulb (ALED-CT3WW-E27)
Akari 3W Candle Bulb (ALED-CT3WW-E27)

Akari 3W Candle Bulb (ALED-CT3WW-E27)

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Description of Akari 3W Candle Bulb (ALED-CT3WW-E27)

These Akari LED Candle bulbs are adapted from the newest lighting technology (SMD LED) and designed for general lighting use. With up to 80% energy efficiency that offers brighter Candle lights while improving lower wattage at the same brilliance and longer life spans compared to traditional incandescent lamps and keeping the standard light candle bulbs E27 & E14 base fitting with applicable watts and color temperature lighting of your choice.

The LED or light candle bulb products have lower electricity bills compliant with applicable and corresponding local and international standards Light bulb candles ensure the safety and best quality LED bulb candles.

Akari LED Candle bulbs are Perfect and best-to-buy lighting for wall lights, desk lamps, and chandeliers. Akari LED Candle Bulb type has cheap and affordable prices yet durable Bulbs.

Key Features

  • 3000K, Warm White
  • 210 lumens E27
  • Frosted
  • 20,000HR
  • S 220-240VAC 50/60Hz

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