Akari Weather Proof Plate Cover (AWD-Z02WP)

Akari Weather Proof Plate Cover (AWD-Z02WP)

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Description of Akari Weather Proof Plate Cover (AWD-Z02WP)

Akari Square Weatherproof Plate cover with rubber gasket for water penetration. For outdoor use. Comes with a pair of screws for mounting. Frame compatible with any ZEN Series module. Our Akari gang plate cover has good quality. We have a variety of colors (Black and white) depending on your choice and need for a switch or outlet cover.

Square Weatherproof Plate of Akari has an affordable price yet is built with high-quality standard materials which are the best to buy. This Akari Square Weatherproof Plate is one of the best sellers in the Philippine market.

Key Features

  • Weather Proof Plate Cover
  • Square Plate Cover
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic Housing Copper Terminals
  • Dimension: 140 x 30 x 90 mm
  • Frame: N/A - Weatherproof
  • Gang Slot: N/A - Weatherproof

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