Akari Rechargeable Flashlight (ARFL-K8902)
Akari Rechargeable Flashlight (ARFL-K8902)

Akari Rechargeable Flashlight (ARFL-K8902)

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Description of Akari Rechargeable Flashlight (ARFL-K8902)

You can put an Akari rechargeable flashlight in your emergency light kit to be always prepared whenever there is an electric outage. Also, you can add the Akari rechargeable flashlight to your travel pack for camping or an outdoor activity at night as your travel light. It is a portable flashlight with a sidelight wherein you can bring it anytime and anywhere.

Akari rechargeable flashlight with sidelight operating time can last up to 12hrs depending on the variety of choices. Please take note that it is NOT recommended to use while charging and must switch the OFF position before charging the unit. LED will get busted when charged while ON. Read the product specs if you are planning to buy an Akari rechargeable flashlight with sidelight.

Key Features

  • 1W+ 2W COB 4V 300mAh Lead-Acid Battery
  • 220-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Charging Time: 12 hrs
  • Operating Time: 6 hrs (Searchlight)
  • 4 hrs (Sidelight)

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