POWER COMBO: Akari 1000W Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR-SVC 1000) + Akari 5-Gang Extension Cord (AEC-917)

POWER COMBO: Akari 1000W Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR-SVC 1000) + Akari 5-Gang Extension Cord (AEC-917)

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Description of Akari 10000W Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR-SVC 10000)

Akari Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) are designed with Servo Motor technology that offers precise 24/7 power protection and ensures the output voltage delivered to the appliance remains constant at all times. This Akari AVR protection is for both voltage spikes (overvoltage) and voltage dips (Undervoltage), provided the AVR is used in line with its rated capacity.

The Akari AVR is the best choice for your computer systems, refrigerators, Aircon, and any electrical appliances you have in your home. It has up to 5 outlets and up to 10,000 watts depending on your choice and the needs necessary for appliances.

Key Features

  • With thick and strong handle for easy handling
  • Color: Grey, Beige
  • Material: Aluminum casing,
  • Copper winding Outlets: 1 : 110V
  • Multi-Purpose Outlet 4 : 220V
  • Multi-Purpose Outlet
  • Dimension: 221 x 204 x 152mm
  • Plug: 2 flat pin plug, 250V, 10A
  • Voltage (V): 110 and 220 V
  • Power (W): 1000W
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hz Fuse: 7A
  • Overload Protection: Fuse
  • Motor: Servo


Description of Akari 5-Gang Extension Cord (AEC-917)

    Akari Extension cords are a common and convenient way to bring power to electrical devices designed to handle a certain amount of wattage at a given cable length. Akari 5 Gang Extension is a safe and high-quality extension

    Please take note that Akari extensions are NOT advisable to be used for high-power loads. Every Akari 5 Gang Extension Cord has a distinct maximum capacity load of watts for its use. Always check the technical part in the description when you buy the Akari gang extension cord.

      Key Features

      • 5 Gang Extension Cord
      • with Surge Protection and Light Indicator
      • 3 Meters Cable with Switch
      • 10A, 2500W Maximum Load Capacity
      • 250VAC 50/60Hz

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